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Çukurova University
Faculty of Science and Letters
Department of Mathematics


  Research Assistant (PhD) Mehmet Onat
Research Assistant (PhD) Mehmet Onat - Department of Mathematics - Cukurova University

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Çukurova University
Faculty of Sciences and Letters
Department of Mathematics
01330, Adana/TÜRKİYE
E-Mail: monat
Phone: +90 322 338 60 60/2486/22
Research Interests : Topology, Algebraic Topology
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Curriculum Vitae
Born Osmaniye    
Academic Background BSc 2007 University of Cumhuriyet
  MSc 2012 Çukurova University
  PhD 2018 Çukurova University


  • Onat, M., The cohomological structure of fixed point set for pro-torus actions on compact spaces, Turkish Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 42(6) (2019) 3164-3172.
  • Onat, M., Özkurt, A.A., Borel's Fixed Point Theorem For Finite Dimensional Compact Abelian Groups, Indian J. Pure and Appl. Math, 50 (1) (2019) 171-179.
  • Özkurt, A.A., Onat, M., The localization theorem for finite-dimensional compact group actions, Turkish Journal of Mathematics, Vol 42 (2018) 1556-1565.
  • Ersalan, D., Onat, M., Serbest Lie Cebirlerinin Modül Parçalanışları, Ç.Ü. Fen ve Müh. Bilimleri Dergisi, 28/1 (2012) 32-41.

Conference Talks

  • Onat, M., A Fixed Point Criterion for p-adic Actions, 4th International Eurasian Conference on Mathematical Sciences and Applications, Athens, Greece, (2015).